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Srttrail txt windows 10 fix ||≫ Attempting repairs windows 10

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

How to correct srttrail txt windows 10 fix without losing information method 1 in this article will show you one of the methods used to correct the problem that Windows 10 presents when trying many times to boot the operating system, I will show you correct srttrail.txt windows 10 without losing information.

This error usually occurs without notice, when we start the pouch and sometimes it happens that when trying to restart the computer presents the blue screen and we cannot enter windows 10 it does not give the following message: Critical process died.

We have another article related to the theme called how to repair windows 10 without losing program, it is the 2nd step in case of not wanting to use this alternative.

It is much easier to do the article also has the instructions of place see proposed link: https://jmactualidades.com/como-reparar-windows-10-sin-perder-programas-parte-2/ Next a screenshot for initial with the error that our piece presents.

Note: It is one of the techniques used to correct this error, there are usually other methods. If you look at the image, this is a typical Windows 10 error.

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

To correct the srttrail txt windows 10 fix I will perform two steps:

The first step will be to install windows in a memory, but you could use a CD with the installed operating system save this step that becomes tedious many times.

It is important that the memory is 6 gigabytes of minimum storage to avoid problems when downloading the windows in the USB memory. Follow the steps indicated according to the description:

1- Install windows 10 bootable in a USB memory.

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

for this must go to the official website of Windows 10 and download the official website and install it in a USB bootable.

2-  Initial our pc from the bootable usb.

srttrail txt windows 10 fix
srttrail.txt windows 10

Start from the USB with windows installed 10.

Our ultimate goal will be this result:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

So we will try to not format the team not to lose the information that we have stored on the main hard drive, as well as works, documents, photos and videos folder, program efforts, etc.

As correct srttrail txt windows 10 fix without losing information:

As he explained downloaded Windows 10 of the official website fails to link more below, you can also see a video related to the subject that perform several months ago where I explain how to install 10 windows on a USB memory. Here is the link to download free Windows:

corregir SrtTrail.txt sin perder información

corregir SrtTrail.txt sin perder información

I will be doing an article with step to download and install if you do not know how to do it.

B to boot windows from a pendrive to correct SrtTrail.txt without losing information:

then you have windows installed on pendrive 10 we will initiate our pc and press key F-9 which will take us to the next image:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

Image number 1 shows how we can enter safe mode of Windows 10 in order to correct the mistake that gives us to the initial Windows 10 or earlier versions of this operating system.

In the picture 2 must press where this our USB or Flash drive to get the system to boot automatically.

 C steps to correct SrtTrail.txt without losing information automatically:

You will get a window with the following information:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

(3) in these boxes, you can choose the language of the operating system, the time and date format, as well as the keyboard type.

(4) after this activity click Next. Now will leave us the option to repair team see: give us this screen after pressing.

(5) wait to prepare the team and performs the diagnostic PC, all these steps performs it automatic usually takes 1-3 minutes.

It performs all the steps to correct srttrail txt windows 10 fix without losing information.

It is elapsed time will leave us the following screen:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

(6) we choose advanced options and give you click to go to the next step.

(7) we check the Troublesshoot box and it will take us a:

(8) choose Advanced options or advanced options, to choose then:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

(9) Systems restore or system restore from our pc, I remind you that this restoration process is carried out from the usb memory.

(10) leads to the next screen and click next or continue.

(11) here we need to select the date that the system gives us is day, hour and click next or continue.  In the following image: click finish or end and gives us the following:

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

(12) click yes, then began the process of restoration or repair of the operating system to correct SrtTrail.txt not lose information.

(13) we will get to the last step will be:

(14) part finar only it would give to restart or restart the Windows operating system and our PC should start naturally with all our documents, files, programs, pictures, videos intact.

Here the steps to perform the correction of failure in our Windows operating system, I hope you have managed to correct this situation.

srttrail txt windows 10 fix

Recommendations to correct srttrail txt windows 10 fix without losing final information

I worked in other methods that solve this problem, IE there are several way to correct and this would be one of them, I invite you to comment on express your experience and help others going through this difficulty to give light to correct this and other problems presenting srttrail txt windows 10 fix

Here serious in this case try to error even starts and takes you to the login screen. One of the most serious problems that afflict Windows 10 users.  It is the vulnerability of the system. Corruption is manifested in a variety of forms, ranging from the blue or black screen random information (BSOD) errors of the driver.

One of the most serious problems that afflict Windows 10 users is the vulnerability of the system of the system due to the corruption of many files that manifests itself in a variety of ways.

It ranging from information in blue or black screen (BSOD) random to driver errors.

We invite you to watch this video:

Cómo arreglar Windows 10 | Srt SrtTrail.txt | sin formatear equipo Solución

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Greetings from part of jmactualidades.com

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