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What is the INTERNET: In this article I will try to explain what the Internet is and how it works.

We can simply state that the Internet is the union of private networks around the world in a single large global network.

Another definition of the internet is the communication network that interconnects computers with each other to communicate and share any information.

That may be available to anyone in different parts of the world today,Internet definitions.

Internet is the interconnection of all these private and public networks throughout the world in a single large global network is what is known as the Internet.

What does the word internet mean precisely the word internet comes from two words in English.

Which are the diminutives inter = interconnect and net = networks, which would be interconnected networks or networks interconnection.

History of internet

History of the Internet Its beginning dates back to the 1960s when a research agency called ARPA wishes to give an additional use to computers for scientific and academic research in the USA.

This system was called Arpanet and they were installed as a military research project in some countries. universities and then become a scientific tool.

In 1970 Arpanet made its first connection across the country installed by AT & T. In 1972 Mr. Rain Tomlinson created the mail mail which means “IN”.

Then the first international connection was reached, which had only two thousand users and most of them used it for e-mail, so in 1974 it is shaped to what we now call the Internet.

The internet was thought to have control of the transmission that would allow sending information back and forth.

APPLE was founded in 1976, and in 1977 it was created the first personal computer that was sold at a massive level, thus making the world full of computers.


⇒1989 Arpanet ends and Mr. Tim Berners creates “www” is a password that is applied to connect what we now call pages.

Allowing to spread any information are images text videos and that gave popularity to the internet.

⇒ 1993 the first web browser was created, popularizing the “www” and providing an interconnection of graphic multimedia allowing the user an ease in browsing and converting text orders into images.

Internet browsers.
⇒1996 the browsers start presenting features for the user’s ease with internet explorer being the most important browser.

In the year of 1996 and the broadband internet is launched with the DSL subscriber digital cable line modem offering faster users.

⇒1998 the group search engine was founded, being currently the most visited search engine in the network and the most powerful brand in the world.


Among the possibilities and internet tools that we have when surfing the web we can name some of the most important ones such as browsers which are computer software.

That allow easy user navigation through the web.

This gives the power to seek to visualize and investigate in a quick way allowing you to jump from one page to another through hyperlinks with a single click.

Among the most common browsers we can find Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome opera among others.

However, these do not allow specifying on the accuracy of the search requirements, for that are the search engines.

Internet browser

Internet search engines are the first Internet tools and this is just web pages that offer consulting a large database in which addresses of web pages are related to their content.

Its use facilitates obtaining information on the subject that interests us.

the most used search engines we can mention Yahoo, asq, excite, Altavista, Terra and Google, the latter being the most important search engine among others.

Now we go to the content offered by these search engines referring in this way to web pages.


The web pages are virtual documents which contain all kinds of graphic and sound information that allows the user to know a product or idea.

Thus positioning himself and attracting the attention of new clients, achieving better economic results.

Web pages are usually in HTML or XHTML format which are a market language for the creation of the same.

they provide navigation and access to other web pages through hypertext links.

Types of web pages

There are several types of web pages such as

Educational platforms.
Commercial portals.
Information pages.
among others, however, these are used for a more commercial purpose, often having to pay an amount for its creation or maintenance.


We can also make use of the web in a more accessible and free way for that are the emails.

Which allow us to exchange messages and correspondences of textual graphic features with video hyperlinks and digital documentation varied in different formats.

This consists of three parts and has the following typical form Among the electronic service providers there are:

Institutional Post Office.
Business mail among many.

Social networks

This is another internet service to access this type of accounts has not allowed to enter the so-called social networks.

That are a means of social communication that has focused on contacting people to interact online can interact in real time by means of chats and typical simbologías.

These internet tools ask us to provide data to create a personal profile by means of an avatar providing personal data of likes and preferences.

The most popular ones we can find:

Google maps.
Being Facebook one of the social network with more affluence and popularity worldwide among others.


The eagerness to express ourselves and share our daily life is not only reviewed in the use of social networks tools such as blogs or blogs.

As it is also known, it helps us to carry in this way a digital newspaper in which it chronologically collects articles or texts from one or several.

Authors allowing the periodic update comments of other people who visit the blog and the response of its author.

Online videoconferencing

Other internet tools that have been developed due to the need for direct and immediate communication.

Are videoconferences which allow bidirectional simultaneous communication that includes audio and video.

Which can hold meetings with groups of people located in different parts of the world and far from each other in this is given the exchange of information:

Graphic transfer, video files, voice presentations, among many other features.

The most downloaded and usability online video conferencing programs we can find:

View among others.

To conclude, we can say that the Internet tools that we have just maintained allow us to make massive use of the immense world of the Internet.

The correct use of these will define our true use of the web and its application to satisfy economic needs of interaction, information and communication with the world Exterior.

Today we can see how the internet grows in a surprising way, becoming easier to use every day and becoming a powerful tool.

To learn and publicize your work as a digital animator so you can count on the use of tools such as

Social chains.

Sites to watch and share videos, becoming an essential platform to communicate, share and collaborate.

Internet network

What is a local area network or a LAN?

If these two computers are connected within a physical space or rather several limited computers you have what is known as a local area network or a LAN
We have an example:


Normally it used to be done with UTP cables that arrived at a switch. Wi-Fi networks are now proliferating much more, but the basic operation is the same.

So this time we have a Wi-Fi hotspot that broadcasts the signal and the Other equipment is connected via wireless and this has been extended to mobile phones to tablets etc.

Now this is what a local area network is.

What is a WAN network?

We have the following case:


In this connection the equipment communicates with each other at great distances as we see here in the image using more complex and expensive technologies.

Such as long-range radio waves, satellite, submarine cable, etc. This is what is called the WAN network in the so-called extended area network.

That in English would be “wide area network”.

Cheap internet

Why are these technologies expensive?

For the simple fact that apart from having very expensive equipment for transmission over long distances, the resources that belong to a state are also used, such as:

The electromagnetic spectrum through which radio waves travel, as you will know so that a television channel or a radio station.

Can transmit has to buy the rights to use the electromagnetic spectrum.

The same happens for what the internet is by radio transmission or by satellite transmission has to buy the right of transmission through the electromagnetic spectrum.

That according to all the constitutions belongs to the state, a brief example if it was invested passing under fiber optic cables.

Throughout the continent the right to use that cable also has a cost, that is why you can not simply use these services in a way free

Why are the internet distribution companies charging us?

We charge the internet providers is not for the “internet” but for the right to connect through their computers that is the real cost that they are charging us.

What is the IP / TCP protocol?

The TCP / IP protocol is a series of rules that establish how to communicate and establish a common language, TCP / IP.

Which allows all computers in the world to speak a single language and communicate with each other.

It is the combination of long-range WAN technologies and LAN technologies and we can get private networks around the world to connect with each other, this is called TCP / IP protocol.

The IP address is the assignment of a unique number to each computer, whether the computer, mobile phone that connects to the Internet.

Must have an IP address with which it is uniquely identified throughout the world.

It is the TCP / IP protocol that allows the connection of all these networks worldwide.

Component of the internet
1-the infrastructure cables huge inter-oceanic cables that serve to transmit information.
2- Protocols are the rules to transmit information between all points of the network.
3- the servers that contain all that information are connected any.

What are the elements that make up the internet?

The elements that make up the internet are:

✔ Computers.

✔ The wifi.

✔ The submarine cable.

✔ Satellites all this infrastructure.

✔ The main thing is some devices called reuters.

What are the routers?

The routers are the ones that concentrate the internet signal and the ones that count without connecting with other routers all over the world.

What are the ISPs?

which would mean “internet service provider” in Spanish internet service provider.

How does the internet work?

The internet works because computers or computers connect to each other through a LAN network either with cable.

With wifi and so on or directly to a WAN when we have our cell phone with mobile data networks.

The router is the device that allows me connect for example with the internet provider and through this with the rest of the computers throughout.

The world then the lines can communicate with each other.

Step for you to operate the internet?

They make a small LAN first because they connect with the nearest antenna that in turn connects with other antennas.

and that’s when a node is formed in any case the LAN or your computer computer is connected to a router.

Or a switch these carry the signal of the network and sends it to the rest of the networks in the world.

But in reality they do not connect directly with other networks in the world but there is a central point called the ISP and these companies are interconnected with other Internet providers worldwide and is what is called the Internet.

Benefit of internet

Because the benefit of the Internet is that each device can communicate with other devices.
Just like you want to make a phone call For any other phone in the world The important thing about the system is that it is completely distributed.

Preguntas &

1- What is the Internet?

The Internet is the communication network that interconnects computers with each other to communicate and share any information.

That may be available to anyone in different parts of the world today.

2- When was the internet created?

In 1974, what we now call the Internet is shaped.

3- what is www?

“Www” is a password that is applied to connect what we now call pages, allowing to spread any information are images text videos and that gave popularity to the Internet.

4- What is a network?

A computer network is the set of computers, devices and other equipment interconnected to the Internet that share information, resources and services.

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