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What is a helical antenna?   or helix antenna: features


What is a helical antenna or propeller antenna is one whose construction is formed by a helix-wrapped conductor of its second name.

It has a solenoid shape and its origin comes from the vertical monopole antenna.
A solenoid is a physical device that is capable of creating a uniform magnetic field.

One of the typical basic solenoids is a coil or a transformer that is applied to an antenna.


1 ⇒ Broadband

  • The helical antenna has a large bandwidth.
  • A propeller is the result of winding a thread on a cylinder object.

2 ⇒ Helix Geometry

  • Coil Diameter.
  • Separation between two consecutive turns.
  • Turn number the propeller has.
  • Thread Diameter.
  • Winding direction (Right or Left).

3 ⇒ Circular type polarization.

  • The direction of rotation is defined by the driver (Right or Left).

Operating mode

1 ⇒ Depending on the size of the propeller

  • There are two basic helical antenna modes.
  • Normal mode: it is the antenna built on a ground plane.
  • Axial Mode: it has great directivity and high bandwidth.


1 ⇒ Antena para radio

  • For portable radio.

2 ⇒ Satellite reception antenna.

  • These have application in reception of satellite signal and operate in frequencies that comprise 1575.42 MHz.
  • Antenna is circular polarization.
    The turns are separated a little less than the propeller.

3 ⇒ HALO antenna.

  • It is a helical antenna.
  • This is basically used in the VHF reception.
  • They are omnidirectional antennas.
  • They offer good profits.

Properties of the helical antenna

1 ⇒ Polarization.

  • The polarization of the helix antenna is circular (vertical or horizontal in equal parts).

2 ⇒ Impedance.

  • These antenna offer low impedance and must be adapted to transmitters with impedance adapters.

3 ⇒ Resonance.

  • It is a resonant antenna at the basic or fundamental frequencies.

Helical antenna dimensions

1 ⇒ Helical dimensions are given by acronyms.

  • D = helical diameter “Center to center of conductor”.
  • C = circumference perimeter “ΠD”.
  • S = Space between turns “center to center of the driver”.
  • ∝ = It is the elevation angle “tan-1 / ΠD”.
  • L = Length of one turn.
  • n = Number of turns.
  • A = Axial length “nS”.
  • d = helical conductor diameter.
  • G = The diameter of the ground plane.

TV Antenna List

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