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Internet antenna homemade has the mission to make known to our kind audience the necessary, adequate and quality information on “Internet Homemade Antenna” the fundamental purpose is to know the types of Home antennas, Professional Antennas, their classification, design of homemade antennas and professionals as well as the manufacturing processes of the antennas that they have developed all over the world.

In this article we will define the types of antennas , we will present homemade antenna projects, you can click on each image and it will take you to the page where you will find more information.

Also links to the main products that you can use to link your antenna to the device or PC. It is a complete tutorial where we want to get you first hand information of the different antennas that exist in the market.

You will have access to the amazon page to make purchases of the most important products when building or buying a new antenna.

We will make a brief description of each antenna model where we will include images of the article or product so you can get to know it thoroughly. Remember that there is a wide variety of antenna on the market which are designed to meet your need or that of the user.

Wifi antenna are designed to make connections to the Internet through the wifi signal where we use a network card or a modems designed for that purpose.

The wifi antennas are the most used because they allow you to search for networks in different geographical locations and offer the possibility of sending the signal to other places where you want to have access to the Internet.

Antenna basics, antenna types, antenna functions

I present you one the main models of Internet antenna in it you will be able to find the main types and classes Internet Antenna. You can click on the image or name to read all the information.

some of the images still do not have information, our team is working to update each page, sorry for the inconvenience.

Antena Log Periodic
Antena Log Periodic
Antena Biquad
Antena Biquad
Dipolo antena wifi
Antena Bocina
Antena Sectorial
Antena Sectorial
antena yagui
Antena Yagi
Antena Bocina
Antena Bocina

Projects made Internet antenna homemade

Below I present models of  internet Antenna homemade manufactured by innovators who seek to transmit their experience to people initiated in this beautiful world of wireless connections through the Internet antenna view.

Home antennas to have free trials from open access points or nearby networks where you know the key of the network you want to connect you can make one of them see options.

I invite you to know each project carried out on the types of WiFi antenna for the internet.

I invite you to know each project carried out on the types of wi-fi antenna for internet.

If you want to know the details of each project, the steps, drawings with the measurements to be manufactured “Click on the image or in your name” to see this topic and read each detail:


We can say that they are one of the most essential parts to carry out communication, they are defined as metallic elements capable of receiving and transmitting electromagnetic waves in free space.

The main characteristics of a see antenna for Internet free communication that should be considered: Radiation Pattern and Gain.

Who was the inventor of the antenna?

The first antenna was created by Turyínskiye Rudnikí, a Russian engineer better known as Popov.

Antenna Classification for Internet free communication
A- For the geometric shape of the antenna:

Sub-classified into 5 parts each of it very important and that have great use at present.

1) Linear antennas: dipoles, monopoles, turns, helicoids

2) Opening antennas: Speakers, microstrip antennas.

3) Reflectors: Parabolic.

4) Lenses: antenna arrays.

5) Antenna groupings: matrix antenna.

B- According to their behavior:

We find three classifications within this section.

A- Broadband antenna: The log-periodic antenna.

B- miniature antennas: 2.4 GHz ceramic antenna, chip antennas.

C- multifrequency antennas: UGA antenna, multifrequency patch antennas.

What are the most important parameters of an antenna?
It is important to know the basic parameters of the Antenna for INTERNET free communication, these will help you to understand its structure and function of the antennas.

Height or effective length.
Wave coefficient
Electrical length
Attenuation factor.
Radiation resistance
input impedance.
Effective area
What are smart antennas?
It is an innovative technology of intelligent antennas where the matrix antenna is combined with a digital signal processor to make reception and transmission more efficient, that is, it acts dynamically to see the antenna for the Internet.

These are used in wireless networks such as the cell phone femtocell system as well as WiMAX.

Who uses smart antennas?

Smart antennas are used in the mobile phone system, they are called Smart Antennas. At present, we have the following types of intelligent antennas: first; Antenna “Make Switched”, second “Switched Beam”, Third “Scaninig”.

Make Switched: It is the simplest configuration of Smart Antennas.
Switched Beam: increases radio capacity by increasing the carrier to interference ratio (CIR).
Scaninig: Antenna tracking system which tracks a primary antenna to follow a moving signal source. An example of this is a communication satellite.
Remember Antena for INTERNET free communication I want you to know how science in the field of technology advances at a giant pace.

Definition of fundamental parameters in the antennas?

1- What is the impedance in the antenna?

It is the result obtained between the voltage and the current that flows in a transmission line, it is formed by the resistance and the reactance.

Note: The impedance is measured at the input of the transmission source. The impedance is normally 50 ohms for systems in communications.

2- What is the effective height or length in the antenna?

It is the relation that exists between the magnitude of the voltage “Difference of power” of an open circuit developed in the terminals of the antenna and the magnitude of the intensity of the electric field in the direction of the polarization of the antenna.

It could be defined as the length of a thin straight conductor oriented perpendicular to the given direction and parallel to the polarization of the antenna, having a uniform current equal to that of the antenna terminals and producing the same far field strength as the antenna in that direction see antenna for Internet.

3- What is Directivity in the antenna?

It is the ability of an antenna to transmit by focusing the energy in a particular direction, or receiving it from a particular direction.

4- What is Gain on the antenna?

It is the ability of the antenna to direct the input power to the radiation in a particular direction and is measured at the maximum radiation intensity.

4- What is radiation pattern in the antenna?

It is the graphical representation that describes the relative intensity of the radiated field of the antenna in several directions having the constant distance without alteration.


Antena para INTERNET comunicación libre
Antena para INTERNET

Top 5 antenna to connect free internet

List of professional antenna that exist today.

  • Parabolic Dish Antenna 
Internet antenna homemade
Parabolic Dish Antenna

Parabolic Dish Antenna Parabolic Dish Antenna They are professional antennas of 5 GHz and 30 dpi, these antennas are manufactured to the standards, these can be used in wifi devices and installed pole of different height, work vertical or horizontal.

We see how technology advances giant steps in wireless communication, we have prestigious companies dedicated to the manufacture of technological products for sale, market, delivery and import to other countries of wifi antenna, but also for the reception of Full HD satellites, in local and international tv see the antenna for the Internet.

Tour to show you the professional antennas used in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signal system.

Internet antenna 3 kms route in the streets

It is a video where I present the Antenna of Internet free communication before mentioned in the article so that it knows the most used means in the distribution and sale of Internet.

Next I present to you how to make the connection of the wireless communication equipment to obtain Wi-Fi networks, which are in the free space remember that this is aimed at Internet antenna free communication.

It is an educational video and I hope it helps you in your personal and professional project.

Antenna Wifi 5 Ghz Double frequency Free design 2018

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