How to program LG TV to local antenna, it is a simple guide to configure our LG TV when we have an aerial antenna installed, now know how we will do it step by step.

Greetings, if you are here you may be looking for a solution to your reception problem with your television or it is just out of curiosity, you are welcome anyway.
It has happened to all of us that when we buy a new LG television or change our address, the first thing we do is connect our TV and start looking for channels, however sometimes it does not find any channels or some channels are missing, so we return to search and nothing or we miss the channels that we already had my solution is to search for channels automatically.

We are going to show you how you can update your new channels on your hd TV, so let’s see how we can update the channels.


1 ⇒ Antenna for LG TV

  • Select the appropriate antenna for LG TV.
  • Place the antenna inside or outside the house or apartment.
  • Orient the antenna towards a repeater of transmission of channels for TV.
  • Remember that there is a lot of possibility to orient the antenna to improve the received signal.

2 ⇒ Turn on LG TV

  • Locate and connect the coaxial cable at the TV input for local antenna.
  • Connect the TV to electrical power or outlet.
  • Search for the TV remote control.
    Turn on the LG TV.

3 ⇒ Options to program TV LG.

  • Now How to program LG TV to antenna.
  • Press the HOME key.
  • Choose the option to configure on the TV screen.
  • Look for the satellite dish option on the TV screen.
  • The CHANNEL image appears on the LCD screen of the LG TV.
  • Choose the automatic configuration option.

4 ⇒ Scan channels automatically.

  • You must press the current auto tuning screen.
  • Press the initial option currently displayed on the screen.
  • LG TV automatically starts scanning channels.
  • First the DTV channels.
  • Second the TV channels.
  • Third channels Cable DTV.
  • Ultimate Cable TV channels.
  • In this process the screen shows the percentage progress until reaching 100 percent.
  • Shows the channels found in the different categories.
  • Press Done.

5 ⇒ Test of LG TV programming for local antenna.

  • LG TV will start the first default channel could be 2.
  • We perform a scan of the found channels.
  • In case of wanting to improve the quality of some channels we orientate the TV antenna.
  • Finally, if we are satisfied with the result, let’s enjoy our LG TV congratulations.

TV Antenna List

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In the JM Actualidades channel we have antenna manufacturing videos for every need, so visit the YouTube channel.

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