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How to make tv antenna out of coaxial cable and Splitter super easy, to watch TV channels in our home with easy to acquire materials.

The proposed TV Antenna is built with the purpose of watching TV channels on television..

It is an omnidirectional vertical and the horizontal polarity antenna that allows better reception with quality reception received by television.

1st. TV splitter.

First we must buy a TV splitter to make the antenna connection.

  • 2 way splitter.
  • 5 to 900 Mhz.
  • If you want to know what a splitter is, I leave the link.

2nd. Coaxial cable.

Second we are going to buy coaxial cable to manufacture the antenna dipole to receive the signal from the television companies of our country.

  • 75 ohm coaxial cable.
  • 50 cm long.

3rd. “F” male connector for RG6 coaxial cable.

Buy male connectors (plug) type “F” for coaxial cable RG6, with integrated screw ring. to install the dipoles in the antenna.

Type “F” male plug (plug) for RG6 coaxial cable, with integrated screw ring.

4th. Screws.

We need two screws to secure the splitter to a base for future antenna placement in the house.

How to make tv antenna out of coaxial cable and Splitter: Steps

A. Download drawing of the television antenna.

In order to offer you a better interpretation I will leave you a link so you can search for the measures that were designed with the AutoCAD program.

B. How to make dipoles for the tv antenna.

  • We are going to cut two pieces of this coaxial cable.
  • A length of 24.5 centimeters.
  • First step we will mark from an end 8 centimeters.
  • Here we are going to remove the black rubber.
  • Until you reach the copper central conductor.

Second step:

  • You must go back 2 cm and remove only the black cover.
  • The mesh now we move back 1 cm of mesh.
  • Remove or clean any excess dielectric.

Third step:

  • Make dipole 1/4 wave.
  • We will work with the driver center.
  • Mark from the end 7.5 cm back.
  • In 7.5 cm we bend to 90 degrees.
  • We already have the 1/4 dipole.

Fourth step:

  • Make dipole of 1/2 wave.
  • For this we go back 6 cm in the black part.
  • We do a double 90 degree.
  • It must be reversed to the first doubles.

Note: the sum of the two dipoles installed in the splitter must be 15 cm.

Fifth step:

  • We put the male connector (plug) type “F” for coaxial cable RG6, opposite side of the cable.
  • Finally we must repeat these steps to make the second dipole.

B. How to arm the television antenna with coaxial cable & Splitter.

We just have to place and screw the connectors on the splitter’s outputs.

Finally, use the screws to fix the TV antenna to the stand.

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Here’s the video.

You need more information, you can find it in the following article about Antenna.

I leave the antenna template.

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Tu puntuacion es importante CALIFICANOS
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