How to make tv antenna from coaxial cable ⇒ and splitter


How to make tv antenna from coaxial cable using splitter we will have a directional yagi. We want to make the most of the materials.

We want to make the most of the materials we have at home to make a homemade antenna.I will show you how we can make an antenna using coaxial cable, a splitter tv and connectors for the cable


How to make tv antenna from coaxial cable “accessories”

accesorios para la antena casera para tv

1Coaxial cable for tv.

  • You need to look for a coaxial cable to be able to build the antenna elements.
  • We need about 1 meter of the coaxial cable tv.

2 ⇒ Splitter for tv.

  • Look for a tv splitter from an old connection made by cable tv company.
  • splitter data one input and two output.
  • Preferably from 5 to 900 Mhz.
  • We will use the same to place the dipoles of the antenna for home tv.

3 ⇒ RG connectors.

  • We will use a pair of RG connectors for coaxial tv cable.

“TOOLS”: How to make tv antenna from coaxial cable

1 Electric clamp

  • Cutting tool to prepare the coaxial cable.

2Cutting blade

  • Cutting utensil.
  • With the blade we will cut the materials.

3Tape measure

  • Instrument used to measure.
  • Measure the coaxial cable.


1 ⇒ Cut the coaxial cable.

  • Cut the coaxial cable in different parts, next we will offer you the amount of cut with its measurements.
  • Perform two Coaxial Cable Cut, both 30 cm in length.
    Cut the coaxial cable.

Corta el cable coaxial

  • Now ship the excess coaxial cable and cut two cables to a size of 20 cm each.

antena casera de tv

2 ⇒ Install RG connectors.

  • We are going to place the two RG connectors on each end of the 30 cm coaxial cable.
  • Use the cutting blade to strip the ends.
  • Place the RG connectors.

3 ⇒ 30 cm coaxial cable.

  • We will take the 30 cm coaxial cable.
  • We measure from 15 cm from the RG connector and make a cut of the black cover, the mesh and dielectric.
  • Carry out this operation with the other 30 cm coaxial cable.
  • Home antenna for tv 15 cm

antena casera para tv 15 cm

4 ⇒ Cut 30 cm coaxial cable.

  • Now take the 30cm coaxial cable.
  • We measure from 10 cm backwards from the cut looking for the RG connector.
  • Cut the black cover only to find the mesh.
  • Cut 2 similar pieces 2 mm wide.
  • Home antenna for tv 10.0 cm
  • Cortar 2 pedazos similares de 2 mm de ancho.

antena casera para tv 10.0 cm

5 ⇒ Reflective coaxial cable of 20 cm.

  • Select the 20 cm coaxial cable.
  • We measure 5 cm of the cable.
  • Cut and remove the cover and leave only the center conductor.



1 ⇒ First.

  • I take the prepared cable of 30 cm.
  • Choose the 20 cm coaxial cable.
  • Now find the cut line on the 30 cm cable and you should wind the end of the 20 cm cable cable that measures 5 cm.
  • Roll it up tight and squeeze it should be at a 90 degree angle.
  • This step is repeated with the other cable.
  • View image.
  • Reflector coaxial cable

reflector cable coaxial

2 ⇒ Second step.

  • We take the coaxial cable and we are going to bend the bare central conductor.
  • Now we verify the measurement of 15 cm.
  • You should use the electric clamp.
  • With the clamp we bend the cable 90 degrees, towards the reflector.
  • We perform the same step with the other 30 cm cable.

3 ⇒ Splitter and antenna for home tv.

  • Finally we place both dipole of the homemade tv antenna in the tv splitter.
  • We screw both RG connectors into the outlet.
  • Now we can test our antenna.

Video How to make tv antenna from coaxial cable

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