How to make an antenna with copper wire step by step

How to make an antenna with copper wire? It is a wonderful TV antenna that you will learn to make step by step, the materials are recycled from old cable TV installations that had been stored when they removed the cable TV service in my home.

Antenna build time: 20 minutes

Operating frequency 470 to 680 Mhz.
Fractal dipole.

Know the materials needed for construction.

Use recycled materials from a retired CABLE TV installation.

Materials such as making an antenna with copper wire.

  • RG6 coaxial cable.
  • SMA RG6 connector.
  • Splitter for tv from 5 to 1000 Mhz.


  • Electric clamp.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Marker.
  • Cooter.

Instructions how to make an antenna with copper wire.

instructions for making the antenna with cable.

1st step; We are going to take a section of RG6 coaxial cable of 60.00 Cm in length and we will carry out the following process;

We will place the coaxial cable on a table along its entire length and with the use of the marker plus the measuring tape, tracing three lines or marks that will serve to cut the black rubber of the cable, the mesh and the dielectric, see image below.

As you can see, we will mark the aforementioned lines with the indicated dimensions.

We will make three cuts in the marks with the use of the cooter and we will only remove the 300 millimeters of rubber, mesh and dielectric from the coaxial cable. See an example;


2do El próximo paso sera mover ambos cortes de cable coaxial de 90 mm hacia los extremos y colocaremos conectores SMA Female RG6.

This process is simple, use the cooter against at each end only 30 mm of the black rubber and cut the dielectric 10 mm at the end now insert the SMA RG connector, Repeat this step on the opposite side.

See this image for guidance antenna with copper wire:

3rd step; We are going to use a marker to signal the copper cable at different points that will serve to form the dipoles of the proposed antenna to show you the measurements.

I present the image with the measurements.

In the exposed image we can clearly see all the measurements that we must mark, so now we are going to give you some instructions for making dipoles;

A- Find the pliers, place it and start at one of the ends close to the coaxial cable, here make the first 90 degree bend.

B- Carry out this operation step by step, at each mark bend at 90 degrees with the pliers, then the image made so that you are not confused.

C- You use a business card to compare the 90 degree angles of the antenna, the video with the construction of the antenna is also included at the beginning of the article.

How to make the antenna with coil cable step by step

4th step; we are going to place a splitter on the SMA connectors.

Look for the Splitter with one input and two outputs with the following data 5 to 900 Mhz.

Screw the antenna made into each outlet of the tv splitter.

How to make an antenna with copper cable step by step super simple follow these tips to assemble the antenna:

  1. Take the copper conductor.
  2. Attach the SMA connector and screw on each end.
  3. Take the ruler or tape measure and make the marks.
  4. Remember that each brand measures 5 cms.
  5. Each angle measures 90 degrees.
  6. Finally look for a tv splitter.
  7. We will color the dipoles by screwing the SMA RG6 connectors.
  8. Run a coaxial cable that runs from the antenna to the TV.
  9. Test your TV with this antenna.
  10. Finally, this magnificent antenna with copper cable can be used in outdoor signals.

We hope you enjoy this copper wire antenna.

Antenna Vídeo

If you want to see the video How to make an antenna with copper cable? Step by Step 2021 -. click on this link: antenna with copper wire

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