How to make a homemade tv antenna|| HD channels


How to make a homemade tv antenna where you can view the HD channels in high resolution, presented wonderful this design.

I present the design: how to make a homemade TV antenna for open TV with this you can watch HD channels in high resolution, that is, clear with this HD TV antenna, You will find a list of materials and the plane of the antenna to facilitate the construction, the instructions will serve as an accessory so you do not lose a single detail of this project.

In the jm news channel, we have a series of videos where you can choose the model that best suits your budget.
In one of them, the step by step construction of the antenna.
See link: how to make a homemade tv antenna 【Start Now! You will also find reception

Summary of Home TV Antenna

Below I present information about this designed HD antenna, where the components of how to make the antenna are located. This will help you in the preparation of it, in this article you can see what are the materials we use, also the tools that you are going to use for this project. It is an extremely economical project that can be done with recycled materials found in the house where you will also know the basic tools.

Summary of the materials such as making a homemade cable TV antenna with which this antenna will be manufactured, in the video you can see an aluminum tube approximately 10 millimeters in diameter, but also with the instructions you provide in the video you can use a cable Electric coil, electric wire, sweet wire could be a clothes hanger or a copper tube used in refrigeration.

Important How to make a homemade tv antenna:


  • A 1/2 inch PVC Tee. used for the union of the other elements. form the antenna body.


  • Two 1/2 inch PVC pipes 75 mm long. Dipole support accessory.

3 ⇒ PVC plugs.

  • Two pvc plugs 1/2 in. Made of PVC pipe. Strengthen the dipole.

4 ⇒ Copper.

  • Copper or aluminum coil or tubing cable minimum length 1 meter.

5 ⇒ Coaxial cable.

  • 1/2 wave dipole construction. Coaxial cable.

6 ⇒ Connect the antenna.

  • connect the antenna UHF connector for coaxial cable. connect the antenna to the hd tv.

Construction of half wave dipole materials used.

These are some of the materials used for the construction of the half wave dipole.

1 ⇒ two 1/2 wave dipoles.

  • You should use a 1/2 inch PVC tube preferably of pressure that will be used to install the two 1/2 wave dipoles.

1 ⇒ construction of the 1/2 wave coil.

  • You need a piece of tube of approximately 90 to 100 mm.
  • Could be any object with a cylindrical shape in the turn and a half for the construction of the 1/2 wave coil which will help or serve to capture the signal in HD.

HDFULL antenna measurements to download:

Antenna tv

TV Antenna List

Antes que nada si aun no tienes una antena para tv en tu hogar te dejamos una lista de antena para que sintonices lo canales de tv de tu país o región.

1- Antenna Helical.

2- Super, Sencilla y Económica ✅ Antena para TV▶️ Coaxial & Splitter.

3- Antena log periodic – Diseño para la construccion- antena para tv.

4- Como hacer una antena de tv casera de largo alcance.

5- Como hacer una antena casera para tv Clip & Splitter.

En el canal JM Actualidades tenemos vídeos de fabricación de antena para cada necesidad, así que visita el  canal de YouTube.

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