HOW to make a homemade antenna ?ideal for tv ?CABLE COAXIAL & CAN FOOD

Welcome to JM News today I will show you how to make a homemade antenna ideal for tv, using coaxial cable and food can for this project.

We are going to make a homemade hd coaxial antenna to watch channels on local television with excellent quality.

The following are the basic materials for manufacturing.

How to make homemade coaxial antenna hd materials.

Steps: how to make a homemade antenna with coaxial cable.

Take the coaxial cable and cut at a distance of 34.00 cm the rubber, the mesh and the dielectric until you are left with the central copper conductor.

1.1 Use a measuring ruler and mark from one end 34.00 cm.
1.2 You need a Cooter to be able to remove the rubber, the coaxial shield and the dielectric.
1.3 At the end you will be left with a 34 cm long copper cable.

We will place in both ends the connectors type F for coaxial cable.

2.1 You must use the cooter again to count only the black rubber at one end.
2.2 Measure approximately 3 cm backwards at the tip and cut the rubber band.
2.3 Wrap 2 cm of the mesh over the dielectric.
2.4 Now cut 1 cm of the dielectric that was left uncovered.
2.5 Place the coaxial connector type F, turning it to the right.
2.6 Repeat this step with the other end of the coaxial cable.

Can of embedding placement of adapter type F male.

3.1 You must take the can and remove the lid completely from one side.
3.2 Take a ruler and measure from the open side 7.0 cm.
3.3 Make a mark with a pencil.
3.4 Drill a hole of the diameter of the male F-type adapter.
3.5 Try screwing it into the can, if it penetrates the threaded hole it is ready.

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How to make the helical coil homemade HD coaxial tv antenna coaxial coil.

How to make the helical coil.

4.1 Disassemble the male F type adapter from the can.
4.2 Take the coaxial cable and insert it through the adapter until it reaches the connector.
4.3 Screw on the adapter and measure 4 cm and place a mark on the copper cable.
4.4 On the other side look for a 3/4 inch PVC pipe and make 2 marks 10 cm apart from each other.
4.5 Take the copper wire and from the 4 cm mark start winding the copper wire.
4.6 Make 3 turns and make 10 cm which is the mark of the pvc pipe.
4.7 Made the helicoidal coil we introduce it in the hole of the can.
4.8 Once the coil is made and placed inside the can, place the adapter by screwing it.
4.9 in the salient end of the helical coil place a piece of dielectric of 1 Cm. to lower the SWR.

Antenna test. 

5.1 Place the F-type connector on the TV input.
5.2 Turn on the TV.
5.3 Perform a channel scan.

Antenna is ready. You can also watch the video at the top of the page where I explain step by step the details for the construction of the antenna.

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