10 REAL ways how to boost tv antenna signal strength

JM Actualidades Today I will give you several advice on TV reception to improve the quality of the television signal.

Thanks for reading the ten real ways how to boost tv antenna signal strength.

JM Actualidades Today I will give you several advice on TV reception to improve the quality of the television signal.

TV was supposed to be free with an outdoor antenna, but you actually have to do everything you can to get the best possible reception or else you’ll see something like this: poor quality on the tv screen.

Also, most television stations are not on the channel that identifies you.

One way to find out what frequencies the TV stations in your area are on is to go to the following address; .

On this page you will perform the signal analysis and write your address or geographic location, then search for the actual channel number.

the virtual channel number is the number that the TV station identifies and the actual channel number is a channel number that they broadcast.

The tips I have on how to boost tv antenna signal strength are the following;

1- Make sure you have the right antenna to capture the frequencies in your area.

It also verifies that the antenna is pointing in the proper direction in the direction of the transmission towers.

Note; There is a page that will show you the exact location of the antenna where it should be pointed.

Now if you are using an indoor antenna, make sure that antenna is close to a wall or window in the direction of the transmission towers.

2- A tip on being able to find the optimal point to cover the largest number of quality television stations.

3- When you move the antenna, use the signal meter on your TV.

If your television does not have a signal meter to see a signal that goes from bad to normal to excellent I recommend buying this converter box, it is only about thirty dollars that you have it has a very accurate signal meter.

4- & nbsp; another way to improve reception is by adding a preamplifier that most people do not know, the fact that every foot of its cable runs loses a little bit of signal.

and I find that cable runs from 25 to 50 feet can lose channels depending on how decibels they are.

Note; If you use coaxial dividers you should know that these small ones without power every time you divide the signal you are losing a little bit of signal and that these should be replaced with distribution amplifiers.

5- Another way to improve TV reception to ensure also the coaxial cable that runs from the antenna to your TV.

Verify that it does not work parallel to any electrical installation or power line cables or even perpendicular and intersect these lines because that can interfere with television signals.

6- & nbsp; Also look at the possibility if you use preamps these have built-in FM traps, for this you must make sure that you do not have any station transmitting on VHF channel 6.

7-Eliminate signal interference.

FM radio stations that interfere with television. There are some stations on the VHF band, that is receiving 4G LTE these signals interfere with UHF television stations, one way to combat that interference is to buy an LTE filter that you simply screw your coaxial cable from your antenna to your television or amplifier. distribution and mute those LTE signals the interference you’re getting from mobile phones

8- another way to improve television reception is to make sure you use a coaxial cable.

There are different types of coaxial cable, the most common are rg59, rg6, I recommend rg6 coaxial cable because it offers better reception.

9- The best way to improve your TV reception for those of you who are not in the best reception area is to mount your antenna either in the attic or outside.

10- Finally, if you live in a building and you receive the signal through the use of an indoor antenna only throughout the building, you can lose receiving a weakened signal, place the antenna outside.

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