How to make a homemade hd antenna Super Economic

In this article we will know the details of the homemade HD antenna created for the local TV, this can be installed easily and has a real economic manufacturing cost, so I invite you to delve into the subject.

Meet this beautiful homemade HD antenna that will fill your imagination.

Homemade hd antenna

homemade HD antenna

What are the necessary materials for the construction of the homemade HD antenna?

1ro- We need 1 meter of PVC tubing 1/2 “, SQD 40.

2do- Plate flexible material brass, aluminum, etc.

3ro-  Two PVC elbows of 1/2 of pressure.

4to- Two screws, lag screws 3/16 x 1 “.

5to- Two screws with thread run from 1/8 “x 1/2” with nuts and washer.

6th- PVC cement.

7mo- Silicone paste or spray gun.

8vo.-Electric wire gauge # 14, about one meter.

9th- Filter for antenna connection. 10th Coaxial cable 75 ohm.

With the described materials we can start, but before we will mention the appropriate tools for the manufacture of the homemade HD antenna.

Tools for manufacturing the antenna

1- Scissors

2- Tria screwdriver.

3- Electric pliers

4- hacksaw.

5- Ruler or tape measure.

6- Pencil to draw.

7- Compasses or pattern rule to make a circle.

What are the steps for the construction of the homemade HD antenna?

You ask yourself how to make a homemade antenna for broadcast tv.

Main tube homemade HD antenna manufacturing

Step number one:

we must cut the PVC tube of 1/2 “into three sections, first a stretch of 200 mm long and two pieces of tube 75  mm. in length, we will seek two PVC tee to assemble the figure T.

For cutting of tubes, we will use a hacksaw blade if possible with your frame.

View details:

homemade HD antenna

The first image shows 1/2 PVC tube measures a SQD 40 thick. The figure presents the scheme or arrangement of tubes to form the tee of sample homemade HD antenna.

Now see another view of the placement of the TEE of PVC 1/2 inch.

homemade HD antenna

We can paste the items loose as they are; pipes, elbows, using PVC cement, please do not glue the back TEE to cross tube by the cones.

After having glued elements we will make two cuts on the ends of the tubes to fit 1/4 wavelength dipoles. We will also use a metal with your drill bit to drill the two tubes, this last step will serve to hold the 1/4 wavelength dipole. Let’s look at the figure.

homemade HD antenna


In the previous figure is detailed slot width, and the distance of the slot, we will now present the distance for the construction of the hole in both pipe ends the hole is approximately 3 mm in diameter.

homemade HD antenna

To complete this task we main tube must be equal or similar to the displayed image.


Construction of the parabolic cone homemade HD antenna

Now see the steps for the construction of the main parabolic cone that will serve to amplify the head reception received in our TV or Smart tv

Paso # 1

The image I show is a pattern to make the main Cone, these are the measures, you can make adjustment up or down the diameter according to the need.

homemade HD antenna







I present the cone # 2 dimensions,

homemade HD antenna








Remember that the smaller diameter must be to end the conical figure of 21 mm or go trying the PVC tube of 1/2 inch = 21 mm according to the table, this is to make it as tight as possible. I now present the two Cone as they should be.

homemade HD antenna

Then have built cones we must place it one inverse to each other and aligned Center holes to pass the PVC tube of 1/2 in. = 21 mm.

See placement first cones and ultimately placing the PVC tube.

homemade HD antenna

homemade HD antenna

We can use silicone to glue the cones and tube PVC, this will strengthen the structure.

After you have performed these steps, we can continue with the manufacture of the dipoles of 1/4 wavelength of the HD signal.

How to manufacture the dipoles for the homemade HD antenna?

In this section we will carry out the manufacture of two dipoles of 1/4 wavelength that will serve to receive HD signals found in the free space.

For homemade HD antenna will make two equal dipoles that are the left and right dipole, both must have similar dimensions, so let’s begin:

homemade HD antenna


As we have seen is a simple dipole manufacture the material you can be aluminium, brass, galvanized, etc. thickness does not affect the construction. Take a look at the hole is for fixing the wire that anger towards the filter or 75 OHM coaxial cable connector.

Now let’s see, you must connect the cables with the final assembly.

homemade HD antenna

homemade HD antenna

It is a simple connection you should only have two screws 3 mm in diameter with washer and nuts, to hold the cables. Then let’s look at the nearly finished homemade HD antenna.

homemade HD antenna

It is important to place lag screws to attach 1/4 wavelength dipoles in our homemade HD antenna. See details:

homemade HD antenna


Installation of accessory in the homemade HD antenna

will set the back TEE will place the support tube and install a filter to connect the coaxial cable coming from the TV,

homemade HD antenna


We see that this homemade hd antenna is easy to build if you follow the steps you gave.

In this video we will know some details of the homemade HD antenna.

I hope your comment, suggestions on the homemade HD antenna.

If you have any doubts also you can see the video, you can write me and warmly I atenderé your request.

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