Hdtv antenna plans – Bi quad for tv !! It is the new antenna that we can use inside & outside our home. It is a beautiful design that we have created for you by JM.

This design shows the materials necessary for the construction of the antenna for the TV, you will also find a Download file that contains the measurements of the Bi Quad antenna.

We invite you to read this content, but also watch the video at the top of the entry where we will learn about our proposal.

Construction time hdtv antenna plans – Bi quad antenna:

1 hour estimated.

HDTV antenna data:

  • Operating frequency 470 to 580 Mhz.
  • BI-QUAD dipole.
  • Simple dipole.
  • Combined antenna.
  • 12 dB of gain.
  • 80 miles without antenna booster.
  • 150 miles with the amplifier installed.
  • Large reception range.
  • Channels in the air.

Meet this new hdtv antenna design – Bi quad.

Materials used in the hdtv antenna plans – Bi quad.

  • 3 mm copper cable or 3/16 copper pipe of minimum diameter.
  • 1/2 pvc tube approximately 50.00 cm.
  • 3 1/2 pvc tee.
  • 5 1/2 pvc plugs
  • Balum for TV from 5 to 1000 Mhz.
  • 10 lag screw 3/16.
  • 4 flat washers.
  • Electric cable No. 14


  • Electric clamp.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Marker.
  • Short tube.
  • PVC cement.
  • Stria screwdriver.

Instructions how to make an hdtv antenna – Bi quad.

Preliminary steps to make the HDTV antenna.

1st step; how to assemble the hdtv antenna support – bi quad

We are going to look for the 1/2 inch pvc materials;

  • Take 1 1/2 inch tee.
  • Find the 20.00 Cm long pvc pipe cuts.
  • Place both tubes on the 1st 1/2 in. Tee.
  • Place the two remaining tees on both ends of the PVC pipes.
  • Now we will place the 5 cutouts of 1/2 x 5.00 Cm pvc pipe. at five tee off.
  • Finally, place 5 plugs at each end of the PVC pipe cutouts.
  • If you want you can put PVC cement glue.

Design of hdtv antenna – Bi quad for the tv image to assemble.

2nd step: how to assemble the hdtv antenna dipoles – bi quad

The next step will be to place the antenna dipoles in the previously built support.

  • Take both simple dipoles that we have built with the averages exposed in the plane.
  • located in the upper cap of the pvc body of the antenna.
  • Use two screws to hold it by means of a Stria screwdriver.
  • Find electrical wire to attach to each single dipole screw.
  • Finally you can tighten it completely, the dipoles must be perpendicular to the pvc tube.
  • Now we will install the Bi quad dipoles in the plug in the center of the antenna.
  • In the same way, place screws and link the cables that come from the simple dipoles of the antenna.
  • Also look for the balum and link the terminals.
  • Tighten the screws well.
  • The Bi quad antenna should be in the direction of the main pvc tube

See this video of this installation:

3er paso; como armar el reflector de la antena hdtv.

Finally we are going to place the reflective mesh of the hdtv antenna plans – Bi quad for the tv

  • We will place the reflector on the back of the antenna.
  • They will be held in the two PVC caps that the antenna support has.
  • we will place flat washers together with the screws.
  • We tighten the screws well
  • This antenna is ready to operate.

Video how to assemble the reflector of the hdtv antenna.

If you want to see the visual process, click on the following link hdtv antenna design..


We hope you have enjoyed this content hdtv antenna design.

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