HD TV antenna for less than US $ 3.00. | Flat Plate

HD TV Antenna for less than US $ 3.00 for Open TV flat plate, it is a low cost antenna that you can make with these instructions that we offer in this article.


Antenna Flat Plate

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  • VHF
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  • 30 mile range

HD TV Antenna for less than US $ 3.00 for Open TV flat plate, it is a low cost antenna that you can make with these instructions that we offer in this article.


HD TV Antenna Information   :

  • It is a flat antenna.
  • Triangle shape.
  • We can mount at different heights from 3 to 10 meters above the ground.
  • Impedance transformer for a fast connection.

Specifications  HD TV Flat Plate antenna  :

  • Working frequency: VHF freq. 560 MHZ.
  • Noise figure: <= 0.00 dB.
  • Typical antenna gain: 9.23 dBi.
  • Impedance: 50 ohms.
  • Roe: 1.4 (50 Ohm).


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Features  Antenna TV HD antenna  flat plate:

  • For VHF signals.
  • Low Frequency: VHF 560.00 MHz.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Weather resistant: due to the materials used.
  • RG6 coaxial cable.
  • 1 element Dipoles.
  • Horizontal Polarization.
  • Instructions how to make the antenna YouTube channel jm news .

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How to make a homemade tv antenna / flat plate

Here we present images of the Antenna HD TV flat plate.

tubp pvc
transformador de impedancia
flat plate
antenna radiation pattern

HD TV Antenna Parts List:

    • 1 aluminum sheet of (25.0 x 25.0) Cm cost USD $ 35.00 cent.
    • 1/2 inch PVC tee cost USD $ 25.00 penny.
    • Imperdance transformer or Balun costp USD $ 1 dollar
    • 2 3 mm striated screws USD $ 10.00 dollar cent.

List of tools to make a  flat plate HD tv antenna :

  • Knife or Cotter.
  • Marker.
  • Screwdriver (tria head).
  • Scissors.
  • Metric ruler.

Additional instructions to make an HD TV flat plate.

    1. Find the PDF and print it.
    2. Cut out the drawing with the use of scissors.
    3. Now mark our template colonized the same on the aluminum sheet.
    4. Use a marker or colored pencil.
    5.  Proceed to cut the entire environment with the blade.
    6. Make the final cut with the use of the ruler and the blade.
    7. Select a 1/2 pvc tee.
    8. Install the screws to fix the HD TV dipole.
    9. Now you should place the impedance transformer on the screws.
    10. Tighten with a screwdriver well on the sheet and the PVC.
    11. Finally, locate the antenna in an appropriate place.
    12. Perform the channel scan
    13. Ready.

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