How to find channels on roku tv step by step 2021

How to find channels on roku tv serie A⁉️. Applies to A323 and A423, super easy with a few steps, now you can watch 2021 free tv channels.

Steps to search for channels on Roku TV, is a list of steps with images that will guide you in programming for this Roku TV

  1. 1st step: Select the appropriate antenna to watch the channels in our country.
  2. Install an antenna for tv.

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2nd step: Connect the TV to the outlet.

How to search for channels on roku tv?

3rd step: Find this menu in your TCL.

In the image I show the remote control and the screen of your Roku tv TCL, I show you the button that you must press now.

look at the image the yellow arrow, which indicates the image on tcl tv.

4th step: Menu We will get the next one.

Observa los circulos amarillo de la imagen y seleciona.

  • La parabola o TV.
  • Presiona en el control remoto OK.

5to paso: Nos saldrá este menú de configuración.

  • Let’s press the Engraner key on the remote control.
  • With the cursor we select the parabola that has the letter TV.
  • Finally we press the OK key.

How to find channels on roku tv?

6th step: Will we get the channels menu on roku tv?.

  • You must select channel tuning at this time.
  • In the image place a red circle.
  • Press the ok key again. on the Roku TV remote control.

7th step: Channel tuning menu.

  • We are going to select our country.
    Search the menu and choose the country where it finds you.
  • Now move the cursor to automatic tune look at the figure place the red circle.
  • Press the OK key.

8th step: another menu will appear

Finally press the OK key on the Roku TV remote control.

  • In tuner mode: Look at the image to guide you select Antenna color red.
    See below that indicates the type of channel.
  • select digital. place the green color with a circle.
  • Then select tune, in this place the yellow color.

TCL roku tv started the channel search process automatically.

In conclusion, Roku TV will be ready to enjoy free content on the TV channels of your country.

Also this process applies to TCL Rokus tv models

TCL Series A.

32 A325 TCL.

40 A425 TCL.

Among others from the TCL Rokus brand.

How to use an antenna coaxial cable Step by Step 2021

How to use an antenna coaxial cable? If you are looking for a simple and easy tutorial to make a television antenna, you have come to the ideal place.

I will teach you how to make this wonderful coaxial antenna for tv with cheap materials and that you can get even in your home.

So I invite you to share this antenna with friends or acquaintances who want to make a simple antenna with coaxial cable to tune the TV channels.

  • Antenna build time: 15 minutes

Operating frequency 500 Mhz average.
Helical dipole


Use recycled materials from a retired CABLE TV installation.

Materials how to make a Coaxial antenna for TV.

  • 68.0 Cms of RG6 Coaxial Cable.
  • Two F-type connector.
  • A coaxial splitter for tv from 5 to 1000 Mhz, one input and two outputs.
  • A cap of Spray paint.

Tools used to make the antenna.:

  • Electric clamp.
  • Measuring tape.
  • Marker.
  • Cooter.

Instructions How to use an antenna coaxial cable.

Instructions for making the antenna with coaxial cable.

1st step; We are going to take a section of RG6 coaxial cable of 70.00 Cm in length and we will carry out the following process;

  • 1st. We are going to place at one end a type F connector for coaxial cable.
  • 2nd. We are going to make a mark with the tape measure, for this we are going to measure from the tip of the F connector and drawing a mark at 14.0 Cm on the coaxial cable.
  • 3rd, Once this mark is made, we will place the tape again and we will now measure 34.0 Cm.

We will carry out the following operation, we will take the cooter to cut the black rubber, the mesh and the dielectric at the two marked points until we reach the copper conductor and remove all the above to leave the copper cable free.
Look at the following illustration.

As you can see, we will mark the aforementioned lines with the indicated dimensions.

  • 4th we will measure 14.0 cm as indicated in the previous image and we will conclude by installing the second F connector.
    After these steps we can continue.

2nd step; We are going to use a spray paint cap to wrap the bare wire and you must make a turn and a half around the circumference of the cap.

Once the previous step has been carried out, we only have to look for our Splitter with one input and two outputs and connect both F-type connectors in the outputs of the Splitter for TV and our antenna will be ready.

Summary of the construction How to use an antenna coaxial cable.

  • Take the coaxial cable.
  • Attach a type F connector to one end.
  • Mark 14.0 Cm.
  • Below mark 34.0 Cm.
  • Remove the black rubber from the section that comprises the 34.0 Cm.
  • Remark 14.0 Cm at the remaining end.
  • Place the last type F connector.
  • Find a spray paint cap.
  • Turn one and a half turns with the bare cord over the spray cap.
  • Finally, put the F-type connectors on the output of the TV Splitter.

Finally, you only have to connect this antenna to your television and you can enjoy a clear signal.

We hope this content is to your liking and help.

Video antenna

If you want to see the video How to make an antenna with copper cable? Step by Step 2021 -. click on this link:

It may interest you: How to make a homemade antenna for tv.

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