We live in an era where communication is important and receiving this on our devices is paramount, so I present you with information for the construction of the antenna for tv that circulates on social networks.

It is a design so you can make the antenna for TV and you can see HD channels also local channels, that is, an antenna for tv.

In this article you will find the list of materials and the design of the antenna for tv which will facilitate later on its construction, the instructions will serve as an accessory so that you do not lose a single detail of this project.

I invite you to visit the channel jm news and more where there are videos which you can select and choose the model that best suits your need. In one of them the step by step construction of the antenna.

antenna for tv

Overview of the antenna for digital tv

Before the construction of the antenna for tv, it is important to follow the instructions offered on video, in the really a test performed with the test this is to indicate that landing there is no between the positive and Earth, since living in short this antenna for tv It would not work.

The necessary materials for the elaboration of this antenna for tv are described below, also the basic tools to do the job, is a video that contains a valuable material that wanted to share it, so hopefully that I will be of help in this great project.

Materials used for the construction of the antenna for tv.

You will have to use a piece of coaxial cable that you used to make the tv antenna dipoles digital at each end you must place the connectors of the dipole as shown in the video which means that each output is a connection that the ground connected by ot ro Center coaxial side.

You must have a bit of extra coaxial cable to the antenna installation where placed in each end to end will use a connector that must be connected to the output of the TV where the signal is to enter is very easy buy a connector for coaxial cable 75 ohm that you used to connect the tv antenna.

You need four connectors for coaxial cable for this project, which will be placed in each end or ends of the wire.

Also buy a connector of two outputs and a 75 ohm coaxial cable input. where puts the dipoles of the antenna to the tv.

The basic tools for the manufacture of the antenna for tv are as follows:

  • cutter or cutter blade.
  • Electric cutting pliers.
  • ruler or tape measure.
  • test to measure continuity.

Important step to make the home antenna for tv:

  • A rule; used to measure the dipoles.
  • A piece of coaxial cable; manufacture dipoles
  • Two VHF output connector and an entry; connect the antenna dipoles.
  • Coaxial cable. connect the antenna.
  • Connect the antenna to your hd tv.

Como hacer una antena para tv cable casera.

Te invito a visitar este enlace donde existen otras antenas que te pueden servir, aquí podrás encontrar antenas para la televisión y las redes wifi.


Antena [ Desarrollo Tecnologico ] Definición ▷Tipos y Funcionamiento

Este articulo ha sido creado para que conozca los diferentes tipos de antenas que existen en la actualidad tanto para la senales analogas, digitales e inalambricas.

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