Cable internet Access used models 2018

Cable internet Access 
used models 2018 Cable Internet Access reach our homes through the access networks, which can be:

Satellite, network, telephone lines = ADSL, wireless networks = LMDS, PLC, WIMAX, Mobile Telephony = GSM, GPRS, 4G, and cable = fibers optic and coaxial cable.

These are the models used today, but we will stop at the Cable Internet Access.

What is the Cable Internet Access?

It is the wiring that goes from the distribution company or telephone exchange with each one of the homes that receive the Cable Internet Access.

Currently there are three types of technology for cable connection that are the following:

Optical fibers.

How are the three technologies used?

We will make a brief description of the aforementioned models to have an appropriate idea of ​​each of them.

What is ADSL, Cable Internet Access?

Is one that is distributed through the company basic telephony. T

his is distributed through the copper network, it is the same network used for telephony this is rented to network providers, over the years have been created improvement in the service in order to increase the speed and the scope.

Note: the connection speed is not the same in all homes, it tends to decrease the further away from the operator the end user is.


-These connections are affected by bad connections of the users.

– It affects the maintenance of the network, the age of the main lines, the quality of the cable used for the distribution.

– The quality of the cable that we use in our home.

What is Fiber Optic Cable Internet Access:

It is a new technology that offers the user greater speed of the connection of access to the network, reaching to raise 10 times the speed of access to the network.


There is no lowering of speed from the central to the furthest point of the central.

There are also no losses due to interference.

In fiber optic bandwidth is infinite. Less breakdowns are received. More security in the network is very reliable.

Videos and sound in real time.

How the installation arrives Internet access via fiber optic cable to the home.

An optical termination box must be installed in the house, from which another second one, called an optical rosette, which sends an optical cable to the terminal or Modem that converts the signal.

What are the outputs offered by the final terminal, Wi-Fi output, telephone outlets and cable connections to the computers.


It does not matter how many people are connected to the network, that is, there would be no drop in the connection or speed of data upload or upload.

The use of video games with optical fiber technology in the connection is extremely fast.

What is Cable Internet Access:

This is a network formed by optical fibers and coaxial cable, it differs from the previous one because it carries the optical fiber to the point of consumption or home. Its name comes from the initials (F = fibers, T = a, The = al, H = Home) = FTTH.

With the aforementioned combination (fiber + cable) higher speeds are obtained.

Types of Cable Internet Access in this opportunity we will address the issue of Cable Internet Access through coaxial cable.

In this opportunity to review that they have Cable Internet Access of aspects through coaxial cable.

Describe Cable Internet Access:

Cable Internet Access via coaxial cable to the Internet through coaxial cable, also called cable modem, refers to the distribution of broadband Cable Internet Access through the cable TV infrastructure.

The transmission of the data in the coaxial cable is carried out as if it were another television channel, differing only with the frequency that is transmitted.

This type of Cable Internet Access allows cable Internet providers to take advantage of

The capacity used in your coaxial cable infrastructure.

Characteristics of Cable Internet Access via coaxial cable

– The information transmitted as 1-0.

– This access is called Broadband. Which allows to transmit asymmetrically, that is, the download speed is greater than the loading speed.

– The maximum speed that can be reached is 10 megabyte x Sec.

– Hispanic speaking providers offer the so-called triple-play that consists in offering the user the three basic services that are: Internet, Cable TV service and telephone communication.

For a PC to have cable Internet service, it is required to have a network connection or to have Wi-Fi wireless technology enabled.

The most common broadband system in the United States Cable Internet Access access through coaxial cable because the cable television coverage is quite large.

Advantages of Cable Internet Access via coaxial cable or broadband.

-With triple-play service, television has internet access and the telephone is very convenient for home broadband because it has this in a single package from the provider.

-We have unlimited connection.

-The access speed is much better.

– The connection time in the network is not paid as opposed to the switched line.

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